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Product Warranty 

Protect your car, boat or caravan from the elements with a quality-built, value-for-money, super-tough shade carport from Archgola.

At Archgola we believe in our product absolutely.

  • 5 Year Warranty on all Frames 

What does the Archgola Warranty cover?

Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing

  • 25 year loss of light transmission warranty
  • 15 year hail breakage warranty
  • Please see


Installation Warranty

  • All product installed by Archgola Limited or an Authorised Licensed installer carry a five year workmanship warranty from date of invoice.

The Frame

  • All Archgola Limited canopies have been designed by a Certified Structural Engineer. All aspects of the NZ building code have been strictly adhered to.
  • Providing the ongoing Archgola Product Care Guidelines  are strictly adhered to, all materials used in the construction of the canopies carry a five (5) year warranty.
  • Archgola Ltd warrants the powder coated finish on the Archgola will remain in good condition for a period of five (5) years from the completion of construction if you observe the product care guidelines below.
  • Absolute beachfront/cliff top and properties located 100m from either the beach or the cliff top must be hot dip galvanized.  (Note: the hot dip galvanizing process results in a textured surface).
  • Areas not included in either marine, industrial or geothermal must be cleaned every six (6) months.
  • Where the Archgola is in a marine zone (i.e. within 500m of the sea or salt water lake) residual salt from the atmosphere which settles on the frame of the Archgola must be removed by washing at least every two (2) months.
  • Where the Archgola is in an industrial zone, residual chemicals from any industrial pollution must also be removed by washing at least every three (3) months.
  • Where the Archgola is in a geothermal area the frame must be cleaned every three (3) three months.
To comply with the Warranty requirements and to extend the effective life of powder coatings a very simple maintenance programme should be implemented. 

Ezi-guide Curtains Warranty Information

Installation Warranty

All products installed by Archgola Limited  or an Authorised Licensed Installer carry a 5 year warranty from the date of invoice.

The Ezi Guide Curtain and Gearbox Warranty

Providing the ongoing Archgola Product Care Guidelines are strictly adhered to, both the curtain and the gearbox carry a 2 year warranty.

Aluminium Channel and Remaining Components

Providing the ongoing Archgola Product Care Guidelines are strictly adhered to, all remaining components carry a 5 year warranty. (This includes all aluminium components, locking devices brackets and inserts).

The Materials We Use

Being the first in New Zealand to develop this product Archgola takes pride in setting the standard in quality in both service and product. Experience has confirmed the materials we choose to assemble our shades are perfect for the New Zealand climate and client.

Our frames are made from galvanised tube profiles produced here in New Zealand. Manufactured from pre-galvanised material strip, both the inner and outer strip surfaces are zink coated which provides superior surface protection for our tubes. During the manufacture the tube undergoes a series of tests to meet our high quality standards.

Once our frames are produced they are powder coated in the colour selected by our clients. Powder coating is an advanced yet simple way of spray painting a very fine dry plastic powder onto our galvanised tube. We powder coat our frames in Archgola's purpose built facility in Silverdale, near Auckland. This state of the art facility uses the most up to date equipment and processes. We elected to use a non-chrome based system which is heavy metal free. This method is safer for our employees, customers and the evironment.   

By powder coating our products we achieve a beautiful and durable finish with no unsightly runs or drips. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing than other finishes. It looks like paint but acts like armour. And even more importantly, powder coating is environmentally friendly because over spray is reused. And with no solvents the paint does not pollute the air.

Super tough polycarbonate sheeting forms the roof on all our archgolas. This technically superior product is available either tinted (2 choices) or clear, provides 99.9% protection from U.V rays. Polycarbonate roofing comes with a 25 year Manufacturers Guarantee against loss of light transmission and breakage by hailstones up to 25mm in diameter. Roofing is available in 2 profiles- the traditional curve and a more modern square corrugation called “Greca”. During installation the corrugated roofing bends to conform to the shape of the archgola frame.  

Attention to detail ensures overall product quality

"The Archgola has added a new dimension to our outdoor living. Where previously we very seldom had an opportunity to spend time outdoors at the rear of our house, we now make frequent use of the area in all kinds of weather"

J&J Dekker – Hamilton

"It has exceeded our expectations. In fact, it is quite difficult to 'extract mother from under there' at times... and that’s a compliment!"

Martin – Blenheim

"The workmanship was first class and the construction has certainly stood up to the very high winds we have recently encountered"

W & C Probert - Whangaparoa

"We contacted Archgola because we had a problem with both rain and light coming into our living area. Archgola listened to our problems and designed a solution which has worked magnificently"

B& L Mead - Raglan

"We absolutely love our Archgola. It has performed fantastically and has easily met our expectations. Additionally, I am very impressed by Archgola's ongoing commitment to after sales service. They came by and rang after the canopy was installed to ensure we were happy with everything"

L Taute - Red Beach

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